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5% Divorce Rate. No more than that.

Repost for January 25, 2023.

What’s a niddah room? It’s where a woman keeps the Biblical family purity laws in marriage. We will be posting those in daily mitzvah segments. For now, here’s a quick write up as we move towards baptisms and their significance under the Law (perhaps next month). It’s also where consecration happens. Anything consecrated belongs to the L-rd, and thus guarantees a high rate of "success”. Couples who keep niddah see less than 5 percent divorce rate and a much higher rate of marital satisfaction. Simply put, the spouses stay madly in love. Perhaps, absence does make the heart grow fonder? Nevertheless, there is a supernatural blessing activated in this. Like the rest of the Bible’s commandments. It’s about setting things apart for G-d to activate a blessing: the sabbath, the tithe, challah, it’s setting apart work that blesses it, setting apart money, setting apart food, and so on. And yes, it is a commandment. It's part of leading consecrated lives. And very successful ones at that! Anything G-d puts His brand on.

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