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A Boaz Inheritance Awaits

Even though we may not think of each other as friends, what the L-rd has ordained may have us working side by side, no matter our past.

That may have been what Ruth thought when Naomi told her to return to Moab. To everyone gathered, Naomi was giving Ruth a second chance when she referred to her daughter Ruth as her own bloodline. It is what Messiah has done for us on the cross. That anyone with His name would benefit a second final chance to make it into the Kingdom of G-d. No matter their past. No matter their deeds. No matter their fears and apprehensions. Second chances are for real. And they're here.

"May Hashem reward your deeds. May you have a full recompense from Hashem, the God of Yisrael, under whose wings you have sought refuge!” Ruth 2:12

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