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Baptism for New Beginnings (No matter the occasion)

It’s based on a Jewish custom for new beginnings called the Mikvah. Yes, you need to. Just like communion. These symbols carry supernatural wealth in the Kingdom. If I wasn’t Jewish, I would tell you to go to Franklin Graham's website enter your zip code and see what church can help you with this.

But for us Jews, we do this every cycle (it’s why Bathsheba was on the roof bathing). Synagogues have special baths to do this, but any water ultimately will do. Use your bathtub, pool, hot tub, etc. Bless the water in the Father, son Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Submerge completely to show all demons, infirmities, past sins, curses, and broken dreams that they are dismissed. Think thankfully about how your sin is being washed away.

Come back up for air and decree yourself a new creature in Christ. Expect miracles. I’ve seen people come back up healed, with ink tattoos or birth marks gone, and supernatural signs occurring all around them.

Be blessed! It’s a great, great, great thing.

A new beginning. Second chances. Your past erased. A new day.

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