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Candles on the Sill

How would Yeshua celebrate His victories, His joys, His triumphs? My daughter had a major breakthrough. She's graduating and on her way to a doctorate. All kinds of great things are happening to her.

G-d had a plan for this.

Outdoor lights.

I don't mean the stars and planets. I mean lighting up our porch lights, putting candles on the sill, stringing lights outside our front and back doors.

Just like all Hanukkah lights are to put in our windows, we are to celebrate G-d's glory in our lives by communicating with others, through lights.

"My brother, my sister, praise Him on high with me while His loveliness has fallen on my family!" And turn on those porch lights on your family member's victory nights.

If G-d did it for them, He can do it for you.

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