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Repost for January 3, 2023.

It’d be easier to read the Bible, probably. Sigh. Who likes to be reprimanded? My dog Charlie ran to the other end of the house with my pillow yesterday became I told him “no”. And yet, if those who err are within your authority as a parent, bishop, community leader, it’s part of your job. Otherwise? The Bible says to diffuse with a soft answer (“Ok. Thanks. I’ll see what is up with that.”) or stay quiet, trust G-d to handle it. That’s “The Way”.

“We need friends who are willing to risk wounding our ego in the moment for the long-term good of our souls.” - Greg Morse

"Today is called today. Which believers will you exhort? Be courageous and speak the truth in love when the time comes." Ephesians 4:15

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