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Do Not Leave Quietly - Chapter 12

Guest written by Sew for Christ.

Disclaimer: this is part of a series of commentary on Mario Murillo's book 'Do Not Leave Quietly'. I do not own this work. This is not a reprinting of the material in the book, merely my commentary on the concepts presented. To read the book, you can buy it from bookstores or online from Amazon.

Chapter 12 is titled, "A massive number of Christians are experiencing a strange miracle." In this chapter, Mario Murillo explains how groups of Christians are being pulled, or pushed, from churches who have lost the Holy Spirit in their services. The churches are now focusing on being successful in the physical world rather than seeking God in their services.

God's righteous remnant is being separated from the fallen church. We are called to be holy unto God, constantly, in actions as well as words. When we relegate our "God-activities" to a church but live regular, worldly lives the rest of the week, our weekly mentality will infiltrate our Sabbath. If we are willing to give up the rest of the week to worldly concerns, how will we protect the Sabbath? This has happened, and now churches are more concerned with appearance, popularity, and not upsetting members.

In these churches, there are no works of the Spirit. They cannot enact any change in the church or the world around them, if they'd even want to. The remnant is called to be world-changers, to fulfill God's will on Earth. He has to remove His people from dead churches in order to release His power in them.

God opens doors, and God closes doors. God will remove a believer from a church if that church is repressing the Spirit in them. Perhaps God has closed a door, to a church or a group of what you thought were Christians. You are being called by God for higher works, to be a world-changer for His kingdom. You are part of an collective being assembled by God of righteous believers, who use their prayer and influence to align this world with God's will.

Ready to align yourself with God's remnant? God is calling you to be a righteous force for His good on this earth. For salvation, pray this prayer.

Is pain in your body stopping you from fulfilling God's plan for your life? Pray this prayer.

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