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Do Not Leave Quietly - Chapter 15

Guest written by Sew for Christ.

Disclaimer: this is part of a series of commentary on Mario Murillo's book 'Do Not Leave Quietly'. I do not own this work. This is not a reprinting of the material in the book, merely my commentary on the concepts presented. To read the book, you can buy it from bookstores or online from Amazon.

Chapter 15 is titled, "A new kind of Christian will soon appear in America." In this chapter, Mario Murillo explains how the previous form of Christian will soon be obsolete. Before, Christians operated in faith on Sabbaths, going to church and singing. During the week, at work or with company, they would be "normal" with little to no evidence of their faith. If someone was called by God to spread the Gospel, they would take up the occupation of a preacher.

What they wouldn't recognize, is that God called them to go fishing at their job and in their friend group. Very few of those called to serve God are called to be official pastors and preachers in physical churches. Especially now, in the information age, the sharing of the Gospel needs to spread online.

The new kind of Christian, that Mario Murillo describes, is a vocal believer who testifies about the Bible and acts in an obvious Christian manner at their job. God has called people to be in the other six mountains and save those in those mountains. Only a small amount of nonbelievers will walk into the unfamiliar territory of a church to be saved. Instead, God is placing His operatives to go to the people to be saved, in the workplace, entertainment, and the other mountains of influence.

This blog is an example of this new breed of Christians. I do not preach from a pulpit. However, I testify to Jesus through my life. On Instagram, I share the homemaking and homesteading parts of my life and their connection to Jesus. I am actively showing that God is confined to the Sabbath day, but He connects with us every day. Everything I make, I am emulating the Father's creative ability. There is Biblical meaning reflected in everyday objects.

God has been calling you to serve Him, but not in the church; you have a fire stirred inside of you to preach the Kingdom. Yes, still attend a Spirit-filled church, but now is the time to go out and save the masses in their territory. God is calling to your workplace, neighborhood, and friends. God wants you to use the gifts that He gave you to testify of Him.

Is God calling you to serve Him with your life? Pray this prayer.

Is pain or disease stopping you from fulfilling His destiny for your life? Pray this prayer.

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