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Do Not Leave Quietly - Chapter 2 Commentary

Guest written by Sew for Christ.

Disclaimer: this is part of a series of commentary on Mario Murillo's book 'Do Not Leave Quietly'. I do not own this work. This is not a reprinting of the material in the book, merely my commentary on the concepts presented. To read the book, you can buy it from bookstores or online from Amazon.

Chapter 2 is titled, "Speak now, or forever hold your peace." The phrase is recognizable from wedding ceremonies, where the officiant calls this out. If someone has something to say against the proceedings, now is the time. If they do not speak now, they've forfeited their right to protest and must, henceforth, not speak out against the wedding outcomes. This is the final call for opposition.

Mario Murillo explains that if we do not speak out against the oppression when it is just starting, we can have no say against it when it's already done. For example, the government wanted churches to stop singing, that is, stop worshiping. Some churches were silent, and this was taken as tacit agreement. But the churches who spoke up, who railed against such strictures, they kept their rights.

The oppression against the church has no legal foundation. We know this, they know this. But they do have fear tactics and threats on their side. They operate in the darkness, where the eye of the law doesn't shine on them. We only need to cry out in defiance. What they do is wrong. For example, restricting worship goes against freedom of religion rights from the Constitution. When we cry out, the light is shone on the situation and evil is revealed.

So speak up! When someone mentions restricting your rights, call them out on it. Actively push back against restraints on your faith and way of life. This is a free country; if they can speak up against God, you can certainly speak up for Him.

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