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Do Not Leave Quietly - Chapter 4 Commentary

Guest written by Sew for Christ

Disclaimer: this is part of a series of commentary on Mario Murillo's book 'Do Not Leave Quietly'. I do not own this work. This is not a reprinting of the material in the book, merely my commentary on the concepts presented. To read the book, you can buy it from bookstores or online from Amazon.

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Chapter 4 is titled, "If you remain silent." Mario Murillo explains a process that the forces against the Kingdom are using to bring about the silence of the church. The major goal of the Devil is to break apart the church and to ruin their faith in God. When the church is disheartened and disbanded, then the Devil sets up his own regime to use the authority ceded by the believers.

However, if the Devil were to target the church first with a large attack, the faithful church would rise up and fight back. The Devil needs to get them into a place of blind submission, to a place where they don't even realize the church is losing until it's too late. So, the Devil starts with the little things.

Culture and movements are created by small building blocks that form a large structure. If someone wanted to take down a bricked arch, attacking it outright wouldn't work as the structure is too strong for a direct attack. Instead, to destroy a bricked arch, one must take it out brick by brick. This is the strategy that the Devil is using. He is taking out small bricks of the Christian church in order to weaken it.

Each brick taken out doesn't seem like a big deal. The church thinks that making small concessions now will help them in the future, to gain favor with the unsaved and help convert them in the future. Instead, it shows the other side that the church is willing to give up territory without a fight. The church has been silent about this for far too long. The enemy starts taking out more and more bricks from our structure, taking bigger tracks of land from our territory.

The church consistently like them take one brick without a fuss, what's two brick? Three? Five? Ten? Take prayer out of the schools, and then the enemy actively teaches anti-biblical messages and discriminates against Christians. The church didn't complain when prayer was taken out, so they didn't complain against the new injustices.

We even see this pattern with the good parts of secular culture, the parts that teach biblical principles. One adaptation of a good work makes some small changes, the fans don't complain. Eventually, the new adaptations change the entire essence of the work because no one would stand against the changes.

If the church and believers continue to be silent, it will be too late. As Mordecai tells Esther, deliverance may come from another place, but you and your house will be destroyed (Esther 4:14). For the sake of the corporate church and the individual believer, we must speak out against the injustices committed against the Kingdom.

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