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Do Not Leave Quietly - Chapter 5 Commentary

Guest written by Sew for Christ.

Disclaimer: this is part of a series of commentary on Mario Murillo's book 'Do Not Leave Quietly'. I do not own this work. This is not a reprinting of the material in the book, merely my commentary on the concepts presented. To read the book, you can buy it from bookstores or online from Amazon.

Chapter 5 is titled, "The pandemic is only the beginning of tyranny." Mario Murillo describes how the global pandemic gave those in power an excuse for unconstitutional actions, all in the name of public health. In reality, their measures they claim to be against the pandemic only serve to control the public and restrict their rights. When cities and states start to lift restrictions, a new virus comes out. Multiple times has news been strategically released, such as the delay on the vaccine creation until after the election date. What should've been attributed to one president only the day before is now the achievement of the president-elect one day after.

Mario Murillo describes how we can recognize that a certain group is being manipulated and tyrannized. Not only will there be discrimination, but there will also be hypocrisy. Murillo gives one example of this: church goers were not able to worship together, but rioters could physically protest together. Furthermore, the church goers who were peaceful were treated terribly by the law; the rioters who were violently protesting, which is expressly against the law, were not prohibited.

Hypocrisy is the death knell for trust, but only if you can recognize it. The groups that aren't facing the discrimination, those who willing take any vaccine (effective or not) and abide by every stipulation don't feel the disapprobation of the government. They don't see hypocrisy; therefore, their trust in their government is untouched. Those who recognize the hypocrisy, the double standard, the inequity, cannot help but be wary of a government or any official who claimed to represent everyone's values, but patently oppresses one side.

Tyranny starts with hypocrisy, an appeasement to one side and a denunciation on the other. The other side doesn't believe us because they don't experience it. If we don't speak up against this treatment, it'll only get worse.

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