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Do Unto Israel as You Would Have G-d Do Unto You

Psalm 122:6, in English, says that G-d will prosper those who pray for the peace (shalom) of Jerusalem. In context, it is shalom (not peace exclusively) and to prosper means to increase. Roughly translated, the Hebrew yields thus: whatever is broken or missing in Jerusalem, pray for it; if you do, it will returned to you within your midst.

Do you want to be loved? Give to the little ones in Israel.

Do you want to be defended? For others to fight your fights? Give to the IDF.

Do you want to be provided for? Give to the city of Jerusalem liberally and to the Israeli government.

For others to know Yeshua as Messiah? Give to Rabbi Curt Landry’s book for the IDF on his donation page. As the IDF read Rabbi’s book they learn Yeshua's love for them.

Other scripture says to touch Israel is to touch G-d’s eyeball. It never goes unnoticed and the slightest irritant will incur great consequences. But the slightest grace will also benefit the sender.

Today’s concept? Jerusalem is a microcosm of grace where we cash our chips for ultra blessing.

Shalom to you, my newest friend.

Bishop C.

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