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Eating to Fulfill Your Days

They're called Blue Zones. They are areas in the world where people live to be hundred or more years old and healthy.

Loma Linda in California is such a community.

Seventh Day Adventists keep Biblical Law closely. For most of them, instead of finding kosher meat, they simply abstain from animal products.

G-d does seem to reward them handsomely for it. The average centenarian in those communities still drives, holds a job, and keeps good care of their home by themselves.

If you're interested in research studies, I recommend the book How To Eat Not To Die also the free documentary "Forks Over Knives" is revealing.

Are there other benefits than longevity to this lifestyle? Yes. No cancer. If a person's daily intake of protein is below 20%, cancer regresses. Ivy Leagues have packed studies on this.

Sorry, keto. The Bible rules. Torah is the most amazing book of secrets to everything.

P.S. To subscribe to Michael Greger's newsletter for daily briefs on nutritional information, try his website. He is the author of How To Eat Not To Die.

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