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January 16, 2023.

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Scared to death? Scared of death? I was in the hospital staring blankly at the crucifix above the wall. Had my time come? I had prophecy after prophecy calling my for death at a good old age but right that minute, things were not so clear. I remember thinking I could just step one little step and cross over. I felt so weak. I'm not sure I've physically recovered yet. It has been over a year now since my brush with death. I'm still not hiking or leaving the house much. I seem to catch every cold that comes around. I work from home much of the time and sleep every afternoon still. But this I know: I would have been ready to cross over. I remember having absolute peace about what I had done and where things were going. Maybe hat's what the Aaronic blessing means when it says for G-d to shine His face upon you. Several times I've had those visions of a bright figure, whose face I could not distinguish, leaning over to touch me and every time it brought peace. Actually, more than peace. Shalom. If shalom is "nothing missing, nothing broken," then it was definitely shalom. I don't know for whom I am writing this tonight but I want you to know, there is a calm and quiet path full of light that awaits the righteous. Nothing, nothing, to fear about death. Yeshua awaits.

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