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First Finished Boil 2023

Today, I finished off the first batch of maple syrup. As evidenced by the photo, it's a very light color befitting the early season. Maple syrup gets darker as the season progresses. Fake maple syrup is made to resemble the late-season results. The flavor changes through the season, too. It starts light and delicate and turns heavier with a stronger flavor.

The bottles pictured are my small collection of fashionable maple jars. I put the rest of the boil into Ball half-pints (4.5 filled this batch).

This batch started off with 20 gallons of maple sap, all from sugar maples. You can read about when I tapped here. It turned into at least 36 oz in the half-pints plus the amount in the fancy jars.

Read my post here about maple syrup and how we can apply it to the Bible.

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