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For He Preserved the Temple and its Altar for Our Sake

The Temple is built where Abraham’s knife almost came down on Isaac, but rather came down on animal after animal until final atonement was done on G-d’s one and only son, the Messiah of the earth, Jesus. Yeshua. The Savior.

This Chanukah, let us celebrate the dedication of our Temples, our homes, our lives, our bodies, and our culture to the L-rd Almighty and not to a Hellenistic culture that engages in what feels good or right at the moment one engages in it.

Gifted Bible teacher and author Greg Gervais of Awakening church in Mississippi once said that feelings are treacherous. They are the beginning of the lawlessness that engages us into the slavery of an idolatrous and fallen world as we refuse the holiness that comes in keeping the sanctity of life, truth, and “the Way” brought forth in the holiness of the atonement given in Christ the L-rd. Messiah.

The temple is a place of reconciliation with G-d through Christ’s sacrifice on the altar. Should we not commit then to a true and genuine celebration of a Feast, Chanukah, that celebrates the purification of Solomon’s Temple back to its very constitution? Chanukah is as much a Holy feast to Christians who revel in Christ’s atonement on the cross on that faithful Passover Feast as it does to Jewish observers of the festival.

Let it be miracle to you and yours as we rightly proclaim:

"But as for me and my house, we will serve the L-rd!" Joshua 24:15 NKJV


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