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Galatians 4:4 - Divine Planting Charts

Harvest season is starting up now in the northeast. We just got over some trying hot weather. All my lettuce bolted, but the tomatoes loved the heat and sun. This season I planted large cherry, regular cherry, and Roma tomato plants. The large cherry went outside in the ground first and their fruit is ripening now. The tomatoes pictured are roughly the size of a golf ball.

Without a climate controlled greenhouse, gardeners are subject to the seasons' tempers. This is how the world was designed. In God's wisdom, everything has a time and a season. Tomatoes love the heat and are ready in August. In their fullness of time, they get red and juicy. My lettuce was in the wrong season. Lettuce is partial towards cooler temperatures. If it is trying to mature in the wrong season, it bolts and goes to seed.

The Bible mentions the fullness of seasons. Galatians chapter 4 speaks on the timing of Jesus's first coming.

"When the fullness of time came, God sent out His Son, born of a woman and born under law." (Galatians 4:4 TLV)

Jesus came to Earth at a specific time, in the fullness of the season. If He had been placed on Earth with us to give us salvation at a wrong time, the fruit of His efforts would've bolted and gone to seed. However, in the fullness of time, in the correct season, He came and His message spread.

Apostle Paul reminds us here that God's timing is far superior to ours. Paul makes the comparison to an heir whose age of inheritance is set by his father. The father knows best and won't bestow his estate until the heir is ready. God's timing is the same way. His gift to the world, His son, couldn't be given until the timing was right.

God's plan for your life is based on His omnipotent timing. Following His plan for our lives is like following a seasonal planting chart for your zone. It ensures that your efforts are spent in the most effective way, planting tomatoes in summer and lettuce in fall. Just as the planting charts are made with the highest understanding of the plants and climate in question, so is God's plan for your life. He knows your personality, your situation, and the environment around you. Follow Him, and you'll always produce fruit.

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