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Golf Talk

James started watching golf and the weather channel very young. We lived in Florida at the time, in a very beautiful golf course community, so he spent hours watching people play. We would park the stroller by a tee-off spot and just watch. I don’t think James and Fraser have played golf together more than once but the hours they’ve spent like this, just staring at the TV, there are many.

For Sarah it was hockey. For Jessie, baseball. There was no end to the baby and toddler cuddles this man got from his home-reared sports fans.

What do you like to do with our Heavenly Father? How do you hang out? I know of a pastor who would play with G-d. Yes, play. Games. They would take turns.

He is a relational G-d. He creates things to be in a two-way conversation with His kids.

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