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He Knew Better

Repost on February 2, 2023.

He was 18 months old and not about to be duped. We were at the West Palm Beach zoo and when I pointed to the flamingos and told James they were oiseaux (birds in French), James shook his head and laughed. Nice try, mum. These aren’t birds. “Non non non pas oiseaux," he said to me. Didn’t I know anything? These were as tall as us! They couldn’t be birds. Big belly laughs. I was too funny. Birds! No. To this day flamingos are James’ absolute favorite. Last year, he had a promotion at work and I planted 20 plastic flamingos on the lawn to congratulate him. I think I laugh the same belly laughter when I see a Torah law that doesn’t make sense to me. Law? No. Too funny. It couldn’t be. And I tell myself that surely that is not a commandment. Surely G-d loves us, right? Why would He make such silly laws? And then I remember. Because, well, flamingos.

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