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Identity Inheritance

In our family, there are a few things a woman will bring into adulthood. In her “trousseau," her linen chest.

A good tea pot, lined with tannins. Never wash a tea pot. Only rinse it. The accumulation of tannins in the pot is what gives your teapot its unique properties in healing and flavorings from the accumulated tannins.

But also cameos. A brooch made into pendant that is your personal insignia. Signet rings, tartans and plaids, family crests are all important. But cameos are to capture a young lady’s identity. Most of us find out identity in our grandmothers passing on their brooch. But what if there weren’t any for you?

I want you to know that G-d our Father is deeply committed to establishing you. He will show you what your “brand” is. He will reveal to you the song in His heart for you. He will establish you in a broad place, the Bible says. He will give you that family crest in the cross of His son Jesus our Christ.

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