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I must start this post by saying I'm not authorized to prescribe a treatment, ever, in any circumstance. I advise you to consult the proper competent and varied medical opinion for which your situation calls.

Fasting. The abstinence of food. Not a pleasant recommendation in any culture but even worse, I think, right now in our society. Even worse? A Hebrew fast. A fast where no food and few if any liquids are taken in. Harsh, right? A few years ago the winner of the Nobel Prize in medicine was able to demonstrate that the body has a process they have named autophagy which reverses most medical conditions, including aging. Simply put, during autophagy the body uses its resources toward cleaning up and healing itself instead of processing food and nurturing systems (even cancer). A researcher at the University of California was able to capitalize on autophagy to mimic fasting.costly but

So far, the results are promising. Chemotherapy no longer makes one sick. In mice, Type 1 Diabetes (yes, the one that's incurable) gets reversed, the pancreas makes islet cells and starts processing insulin. Tumors are reversed. Aging is reversed. On a water fast, autophagy is achieved after 3 days of fasting. On a Hebrew (dry) fast with very limited liquids, autophagy is started within hours on the very first day. Is this medically dangerous? For many, yes. But I thought you should know how incredible G-d's prescriptions for our health are. Next time G-d says to fast? Like on Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement Feast of the Fall? Well. Just do it. You'll be receiving an immense blessing, or at least turning back the clock.

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