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No One Knows

Reposted on March 20, 2023.

This is the feast of "no one knows the time or the hour." It's been nicknamed this for thousands of years because, unlike the other feasts that all fall on full moons (or soon thereafter), Trumpets falls on a new moon (i.e. no moon in the sky).

"Trumpets" is the feast when God calls His field workers in so they can get ready for the King's biggest feast, "Tabernacles". Another name for Trumpets is Rosh (head in Hebrew) Ha (the) Shannah (year).

It is widely believed that this Feast will be fulfilled by the rapture of the saints. If every day is as a thousand years to G-d, then us entering year 5783 means we are close to the year 6000 where Christ's millennial reign starts.

The end is near!

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