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No Wands Needed.

Just words? We just need to speak words to defeat the devil? You bet. If you've professed Messiah as your L-rd, you have all the authority you need to walk in victory in your life.

"Even the demons obey us when we use Your name," the disciples said to Jesus.

As G-d sees you use your Christ given authority, you will gain power. You'll be given a higher level of authority.

Why is it we are all willing to believe that witchcraft can happen with words because their servants maneuver wands in the air, but we don't believe that Christ's children don't need such apparel to be obeyed by the universe their Father in Heaven has created just for them?

Is it too simple? I like to use my finger. The Bible said G-d would use His finger to write things, so I like to point a finger and speak. It focuses my thoughts. But is a finger required? No.

It's not like Him to make things complicated, is it. You just need to believe and move your lips. Under your breath if needed. Out loud if you can. Exert your authority today. Prime that pump to get the anointing moving in your life and gain victory.

More and more and more victory until demons flee. Because that's what you were created to be: a conqueror for the Kingdom of G-d for everything around you. Where you walk, what you see, what you do, it is all for you to conquer back to the Kingdom of G-d.

Through your words. The world was created with words. The world is conquered through anointed words. Speak today. Speak words for Christ. Be His representative on earth. Speak His truth. Lies must die. Sickness must leave. Decay must stop. Breakage must be repaired. Provision must flow. Abundance must appear. Strategies must impose themselves.

No wands needed.

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