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One Flesh

Repost for January 2, 2023.

25 years ago today we were buying some plane tickets to a far away destination that would change our lives. Just the two of us, with witnesses, before G-d, swearing to love each other through everything and when everything came, we did love one another.

But without Him? Without the Bible? It never would have worked. Oh my goodness, the fights. Stubborn people that got married. Argumentative and prideful. It’s a wonder to anyone who knows us (and who doesn’t know Christ and what He did for us).

Married couples are one flesh before G-d, so G-d sees them as one. You can’t go before Him and complain about your other half; He died for the two of you to be one. He sees one.

“G-d told me to divorce her/him” makes as much sense as telling a celibate to get sawed in half. Yes, these are harsh words. Seek the Bible and its commandments first, then talk about divorce.

Guess what? You won’t.

The Bible works.

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