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Peace Offerings

I want to talk about peace offerings in the Bible. It’s not like the stereotypical story of a man bringing home flowers to appease his wife. No. It’s “friendship” gifts. It’s more like a child picking wildflowers and giving them to his or her mom for “no reason at all."

One Biblical peace offering is when Hannah brings Samuel to the Temple as she fulfills her vow. It’s a happiness offering: L-rd we had a deal. I got my end of it. I want to thank You because I am so happy.

There’s another peace offering that resembles if I brought a pie to your house because you invited me to game night. That’s the one this law is talking about. It says if there’s leftover pie after two days, make it disappear.

Makes sense right? If you don’t eat the pie I brought you, at least don’t leave it in the fridge to get moldy! It is sort of like that. Prioritize eating the gifts first. It’s the nice thing to do. The giver should make a nice gift but the Holy person receiving it should do it gladly and indulge.

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