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Repost on February 3, 2023.

Testimony time. I had believed the kids would be in ministry with me, but with my son having gone to Harvard and my daughter conjuring up degrees and a homestead felt a little strange to the touch in confirming those prophecies about James and Jessica. Then at one conference, a lady comes to me out of nowhere and blindly, but boldly, says, "una familia sacerdotal" (a priestly family). She had the kids tell me they love me, and then she left. 3 words. That's all it took to confirm my calling as a bishop. Long years of debate? But no. That's the power of prophecy. On the eve of my promotion as Bishop of this family and abroad, I want you to know: prophecy is worth it. Don't fall for cessationism. Just because some "Words" are "weird" or delivered strangely (the Lord once had me deliver a prophecy entirely written in ticker symbols to a lawyer. Let that stretch your faith for a minute. I still shiver thinking about how nuts they must think I am) doesn't mean they're not of Him. Test all prophecy. Ask for confirmation. And signs. And words of knowledge. And confirmation again. Remember Gideon in Judges 6. Don't be hasty. But trust in the L-rd.

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