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Shabbat Best

The Shabbat table was set last night. Shabbat is at 4pm today. It’s early. We bought the challah because there would be no time to bake it today. The grape juice is ready. The candle awaits. The tithes were sent. Communion with Him awaits.

It’s time for looking our best. We are wrapping up the last few details in cleaning the house and setting games before us. Hot tub ready. Astronomy set to go. Fireplace loaded. Desserts baking. Comfy couch all set. Back porch welcomes all. Train room is open.

It’s time for scented baths and showers, doing our hair, putting on make up. Nail polish. The special perfume comes out. The pretty dress too.

The ties are plenty from which to choose. The creeping loafers too. Sweet sweaters ready for a grab right next to good books and bathing suits.

We are celebrating heaven kissing earth for 25 hours of rest where G-d will sort out our lives for us, if we let things go.

It’s going to be the best part of the week.

It’s going to be Shabbat.

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