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Start of 2023 Sugaring Season

Tap in a tree

This is my third year making maple syrup. I put in 19 taps in 6 trees, about the same amount as last year. All my tapped trees are sugar maples. I run small batches in my boiler, so I want the highest sugar content I can get. We have around thirty maple trees, the majority of which are red maples.

The season has started pretty early for us in New Hampshire. I put my taps in today, February 12, but many sugar houses started a week ago.

Sap running out of a drilled hole

We've had a fairly mild winter this year, with the exception of two bitterly cold days. The weather forecast for the next two weeks looks as if it'll stay in the bounds for maple sap. After that, it's not certain yet.

Stay tuned for more sugar season updates. In the mean time, check out this post I wrote about maple syrup and the Bible.

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