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Still in the Fight

January 18, 2023.

The article was on Substack a bit ago. I’m forever confounded at how we as a civilization can think that gay rights is an evolution. This is not a new quest for "peoplekind." Sodom and Gomorrah, anyone? Or that being lax about rules in courtship won’t catch up to us. (The fall of the Roman Empire?) G-d at His most fundamental attribute is a CREATOR. He generates life. He generates light. How could He be behind any life-ending concepts? Thankful to still be in the game, but truly we have not learned history. And we are setting ourselves up for the doom of repeating it. Why should this be deemed "Courageous Discourse" when it feels like just plain old common sense. Forgive me. I'm exhausted. And will be for a long, long time when it comes to these issues. I love my gay brothers and sisters. I don't say it lightly. Some of my very favorite people of all times. It grieves me to no end to endorse Biblical beliefs with regards to their lifestyle choice. I just can't say G-d is behind that part of their lifestyle, as good a heart, soul, and mind as they may have cultivated. I just stay quiet and pray, usually. I've seen many switch back to a settled life in Messiah.

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