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The Orange Test

In the smash show "The Chosen," in the woman at the well episode, we learn that the Samaritan woman could not hold on to her worthy husband –whose skin smelled like oranges– because her abuse kept her in a cycle of not feeling worthy.

Beloved, we were chosen by G-d almighty to prosper in all things, right as our very souls prosper. I remember a study showing the wealth of countries shifting depending on which country had the most tongue-speaking Christians. Yes, tongues attracts wealth. Why? Holy Spirit creates all things, He is the source. Tongues is of Him.

Change your mind today. What you deserve in Christ is most likely nowhere enough compared to what He has in store for you. Decide it will be easier to be successful in Christ than living in that of which you are worthy. Get tongues (videos on YouTube).

And find your “orange-smelling best." Hold on when you do.

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