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The Passover Blessings

Throughout the ages, G-d is a consistent father: He rewards obedience. If He asks for something, He attaches a promise of recompense, of blessing to it. Here are the 9 blessings to whomever keeps the Passover Feasts as per the Bible. Happy Passover.

To learn more, check out our farming pastor and business rabbi in Fairland, Oklahoma. Pastor Tim and Rabbi Curt are sure to give you the experience of a lifetime in obeying G-d's commandment to celebrate Passover every year, on the Hebrew calendar date of Nissan 15 (tonight!).

  • A Promise of Divine Protection

  • Positioning and Alignment Provides Protection from Your Enemies

  • A Commission of Divine Authority

  • Supernatural Health and Kingdom Prosperity

  • Covenant Protection for Multiplication and Longevity

  • A Godly Release of Fear and Respect from Your Enemies

  • The Driving Out of Your Enemies

  • Dominion and Increased Inheritance

  • Freedom from Corrupt Covenants

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