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The Process

This is a picture of a hotel wall decor in Portland, Maine. I was led to take this pic and G-d refers to it often.

It depicts the process G-d puts me through in my relationships. It seems He is a G-d of process after all. And while patient, He has predetermined steps to deal with renegade minds.

First, He asks that I shine bright like a lighthouse. Then, He has me pull and push like a tug boat.

The last step is not as much fun. I'll give you a hint, those flowers are called black-eyed Susans. No need to get physical, but He'll tell me to confront a given behavior and give me the words to do so, one word at a time.

After that though, He takes charge and tells me to get out of the way. Ignore. Block. Be quiet. Move on. It sounds a lot like the "dust off your sandals" Jesus advised His disciples.

Patience is a virtue but apparently we're on a timeline and G-d has milestones for us to meet.

Let's not abuse grace.

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