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The Tithes

Repost on February 12, 2023.

Other than the first tithe that is to be given 6 out of 7 years to the ministry that feeds you, there is a second tithe that should be set aside and spent "not within your walls." This tithe sponsors the celebration of the 7 Feasts and Shabbats. My daughter speaks of it as being "our travel budget" or "the vacation money." There is a 3rd tithe collected years 3 and 6 only, it's called the "Tithe of the Poor."

But regarding that second tithe: is your tithe not enough for a trip? Staycations visiting local museums and attractions are delightful too. Especially when you have very little wee ones.

The tithes are practical. They articulate God's plan for us to keep the local church going, celebrate His feasts, and have a heart of compassion. And the supernatural blessing that accompanies them is uncanny. This is not like giving to, say, the Red Cross, or some other nonprofit.

When you give to keep the tithing laws, the returns are strong, sure, and true.

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