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The Tithes

Start Shabbat by giving your tithes. It’s part of entering into our rest ordained by G-d. It’s rest in knowing that keeping the tithes and offerings will bring you much further than keeping it to yourself.

Ten percent of your gross as a first tithe goes to your church. Ten percent of what’s left goes to the second tithe, a separate account we keep for celebrating Shabbat, the feasts, conferences, etc. It’s called a tithe of rejoicing. It’s the fun money slush fund but it’s mandated by G-d, so take it seriously. Sometimes Jessie calls it “the travel fund." There’s no third tithe this year (years 3 and 6 have a Tithe of the Poor).

We are in year 1 of the 7 year Biblical cycle. The year starts in October with Rosh HaShannah.

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