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They Have Eyes But Do Not See

I was 11 and it was the morning of my confirmation. The light coming in my window was surreal and a dove was walking to and fro on the sill. Such bliss. I didn’t want to move for the joy was so great.

At breakfast my mom recounted how she’d had the most extraordinary vision that morning upon waking. While she started explaining what had happened, I interrupted and told the end half of the story.

We had had the same vision at the same time.

A year ago in prayer, I was led to an incomprehensible (to me) Arabic key set and letter by letter was given to me. As I translated the word I wrote under His guidance, it said “bishop."

A family of phoebes started visiting our land (the first female bishop in the book of Acts).

Soon thereafter I started having visions again. Of doves walking my window sills. I knew I was going to oversee other ministries. You see confirmation is a rite headed by a bishop.

Then I understood why this ring for which I had not paid came to me. A large purple stone in it. Bishop rings are purple stone rings. The stone fell out.

But the morning a visitor came to tell me of my confirmation as Bishop, my son ran to me with the purple stone in his hands. “It was on the stairs,” he said. Such a prophetic significance.

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