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As far as life goes, it was about as "unsavory" a thing to go through as it gets. A public confrontation of sorts. Nothing to look forward to and yet–

A blessing. For me at least.

While processing the outcomes of the event, a word appeared across my screen. The person had sent me the word "TURQUOISE!" A reminder, a code word of sorts, to a previous story about whether paths never traveled should be avoided just because they led to uncertain outcomes. As the story goes, my son was two or three years old at the time, he wanted to quiz me on my colors and when I said an object was turquoise (instead of the expected answer of "blue"), my son ran to my husband claiming I had spoken a bad word. He didn't know the word "turquoise," so surely it had to be derogatory.

I wonder what will become of all of these turquoise moments sometimes. I'm anxious and yet peaceful that the L-rd had spoken in my ear the very words I was to use.


I didn't not feel I deserved the blessing of knowing that months after publishing the Turquoise story, this person not only apparently had read it, but they remembered it, and acquired it into their ethos enough to produce it under a tense situation.

It was an apology for what they'd done, I thought. A "complimentology." A compliment you know you only get if someone's wronged you, maybe. I don't know.

Wore my blue jewelry today. Sometimes turquoise is more blue a color than it should be perhaps. Thank You G-d for allowing humor, compliments, grace, mercy, and shades of blue into our homes.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry too.


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