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Two Days to Nowhere With The Right Shoes

I'd have to guess that's what it felt like for the Disciples and future Apostles of Christ as He was nailed to the cross, buried, and put behind that big rolling stone.

Talk about anti-climatic.

It was supposed to be their big moment: Passover feast with Messiah. Nope. It was the worse day of their lives. They had given up family, fortune, trades, boats, and all the rest for this.

When my parents dated in Montreal, they would go on a city bus, every Friday night. It was called "The Nowhere Bus" and my parents called those dates, "going on a Nowhere." They would wait at a designated street corner, get onboard, pay their two bucks, and wait as the driver maneuvered through the streets. They never knew what the date would be until they got there. Once they got there, the bus driver would park and say "We're here!" and they would discover what the date was. My mom said she would pray on the way there that she'd worn the right shoes. Montreal is a fashion capital of the world after all.

Sometimes it would be the movie theater. Other times, bowling or pool halls. Sometimes it was a dance hall. A town's sightseeing. A night gazing at the stars. Or a church basement's rummage sale. Never the same thing twice in a row, though.

They were confident though that it would be a great evening. Not because of the two bucks or the bus or the driver. But because Nowheres with your beau or belle was always a good time.

I'll bet it felt like going on a Nowhere when the Apostles and Disciples awaited the resurrection.

We're all going on nowheres for one reason or another. Someone of us are waiting for a diagnosis, a future spouse, college acceptance, a job promotion, a marriage outcome, or finances to flourish. We're all awaiting something or someone.

Let's make sure we don't have any worries bigger than our footwear choices as we go on our nowheres. Let's remember Psalm 1's message: it always works out for us, the chosen ones of G-d.

Even when we wear the wrong shoes.

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