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Vote for Christ: 2022 Midterms NH

Guest written by Sew for Christ.

This is an opinion work on politics by a NH resident. This is does not represent the candidates or parties in question. None of this is claimed or supported by any candidate, only the author. Elections are important, please make decisions based on a variety of sources.

The midterm elections are November 8th, don't forget to vote! In New Hampshire, we have both congressional district's house representatives up for election, one senator, and the governor. There are also local elections across the entire state for our large state congress.

New Hampshire is known for being a purple state, far more red than Massachusetts or Vermont. In 2020, our state congress and governor were Republican, but with a Democratic representation at the national level. This election, help New Hampshire represent its residents accurately at the national level. In the state congress and local offices, Republicans are embodying New Hampshire values. We need to vote our New Hampshire and Biblical values into national offices.

U.S. House of Representatives

District 1 has Karoline Leavitt (R) running for the seat against incumbent Chris Pappas.

District 2 has Bob Burns (R) seeking to unseat Annie Kuster (D).

From my research and experiences, I have found that Karoline Leavitt supports Biblical values in her policy. Despite being young for the position she's running for, she is standing for traditional conservative family values. You can find her stance on her website here.

Bob Burns has a history of supporting candidates with Biblical values and is now running for office on those same values. Bob Burns is fighting for protecting babies in the womb in New Hampshire and hopes to bring our New Hampshire values to the capital. You can see his stance on his website here.

U.S. Senate

General Don Bolduc (R) is running against Senator Maggie Hassan (D) for the important seat. The other senator from New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen, is also a Democrat.

General Bolduc is in support of "our God-given liberties and our Constitutional rights" with an emphasis on the economic, military, and political pressures inside this country and outside it from other nations. His emphasis is on building a stronger America, especially in comparison to other countries. You can find his views, as well as the quote above, at his website here.


Current Governor Chris Sununu (R) is seeking to protect his position from challenger Tom Sherman (D).

Governor Sununu has had an admittedly complicated past with abortion rulings in New Hampshire. He has vetoed abortion restriction bills from congress before, but this year has established a ban on abortions after 24 weeks (news article here). While this doesn't align fully with Biblical values, as there is certainly a baby in that period of time, it's an improvement from his past stance on abortion. He has claimed to be pro-choice in the past before, but is slowly leaning towards pro-life. We can only hope that this is indicative of a change to firm Biblical values in his career.

Local Elections

New Hampshire has an extremely large congress for the size of the state. I cannot go through every local district election for representatives and senators of the state. I encourage you to do your own research about your local elections. They matter just as much as the national elections do. We must vote in our Biblical values in all areas of politics.

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