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Do we agree that, having come out of coverings that had Christmas, we simply aren’t willing to take on spouses who will tolerate non-Biblical feasts? The financial, relational, and material price to pay –including deaths of newborns– is just too high. It gives the enemy a huge legal right against them. They are constantly battling principalities making them poor, addicted, broken, sick, divorcing, manipulating, and warring. Their stuff breaks nonstop. They are enslaved and create structures of inequity. Psalm 115 says they can't be fully born in the Kingdom of G-d because of their idolatry. I can't live only in this world. I need the Kingdom. I need Yeshua. I need Torah. He is the Word. I need peace, joy, contentment, satisfaction, advancement, and love. I definitely need love. There's a cost to breaking any commandment. Having other gods through idolatry incurs just too high a price.

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