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When Upside Down Is Right Side Up

Repost on February 8, 2023.

The prophecy over us at ordination was that we would never be quite the way other ministries were. We would take the world by storm. But our success would always be in taking a reverse direction.

We were told at ordination that we would never be ordinary in what we did, that we would turn ministry on its head, that we would carry a different anointing.

We were also told that rest is where everything was going to change and that's been true: G-d sends me for a week of resting and strumming and out comes the next breath for this adventure.

The world looks for approval, for popularity; we look for Him. And we find Him. In the most niche corners of any "market space" in Christianity.

Setting aside strategies was going to be paramount. We did that. Bringing the Calebs to the Promised Land was our assignment. The Calebs, the not-quite Jews who believe in the Promised Land. And we've succeeded so far.

But what an upside down way to start or run any ministry.

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