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You Can't Get There from Here

When Jesus says He is the truth, the life, the way, what is He saying? He goes on to say that no one can go to the Father but through Him.

Synagogues have been built in relatively the same fashion for thousands of years. Windows at the top so no one sees in, for example.

One hallmark is three hallways. One down the middle of the pews and two at the front, on each side of where Torah is kept, the Word of G-d, that is kept in the Ark, the residence of G-d's presence.

And the hallways are named.

Can you guess?

The truth splits the pews. The life to the left of Torah. The light to the right of Torah.

Get it? When Jesus says He's the truth, the life, the way, he's saying there's no hallway that will lead you to G-d's Presence outside of me. I'm all the ways there.

You can't get there from here. Unless you're in Him.

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