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I Am the Bread of Life

A prior post (June 2, 2023) speaks of how the Last Supper is at the Feast of Passover also referred to as the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Why is this important?

Chametz, as it's called, is yeast and matzo bread is baked with no yeast. It's baked with holes and striped. It's the traditional Jewish bread for the feast.

G-d had instructed the Israelites in Exodus to bake bread with no leaven/yeast, what we know as matzo.

When Jesus holds the matzo up, blesses it, and tells us that He is that bread. Though he has no yeast (which here represents sin), He will be pierced. He will be lashed in stripes.

Matzo is the bread of life: it was G-d's instruction that He was about to take the Israelites out of slavery in a hurry. In a jiffy. So fast your head would spin.

When Jesus says He's the Bread of Life, He says He is about to take us out of slavery in a real hurry.

Six hours on a Friday. On a cross. Out forever.

That fast.

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